Use This Weird Trick to Find The Source of Your Roof Leaks

Imagine stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night and stepping in a puddle of water. After you gather yourself and clear the confusion, you realize it’s a LEAK. That’s right. You’ve sprung a leak….well your roof has.

So you do what most of us do… if we’re being honest.

Grab a towel to soak it up (if it’s even that bad) and hope it goes away. Eventually, you might even resort to using a bucket or some other contraption to catch the water and “buy a little time.”

Hey, again…. We’re not judging! A lot of us do this because it’s just a “tiny” leak and it’s truly impossible to see what’s really going on inside the walls of your home.

But what happens when it’s time to fix the leak?

You look up at the spot that’s leaking and realize you have NO IDEA where the leak is coming from. Ouch!

Most people don’t know this but finding the SOURCE of the leak can be much harder than spotting the leak itself. Why is that?

Well, if you think about it, it makes sense…

Water can enter the roof from one spot and then run down to another spot before it soaks into the ceiling… and becomes visible to you. Therefore, it’s dripping on your living room floor but it’s really originating from somewhere else. Get it?

So what do you do next?


How can you uncover the REAL source of your leaky roof?


Ask professional roofers and they’d say “think like water”. A little confusing, right?

Stick with me here.

You see, water typically comes into your home:

  • through broken, worn out or missing shingles.
  • In places where nails have loosened,
  • or through rusty flashings around skylights, vents, chimneys and roof plane intersections.

Once water passes through the roofing, it will flow until it finds a place to drip down, which would most likely be your hardwood/carpeted floor or your favorite furniture.

So to sum this up, when you’re looking for the SOURCE of your leak, it’s not always visible.
Think like water (and begin by looking in the places we listed above.)

As always, have a professional come out to help assess damage and go over  your options to get it fixed at a fair price.


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