4 Pro Tips to Make Your Roof Last Longer & Save Money


With decades in the roofing business, we’ve seen it all. Buckets, coffee cans, diversions, and anything else you could  think of, used  to temporarily fix a leaky roof or put-off repairs.

Often times, we think we’re buying time and, in turn,  saving money by patching things up D.I.Y. style.
In reality, these temporary “band aid” fixes may seem like they’re extending the “life” of your roof but they’re only causing more damage that will cost more money in the long run. 
That’s why we want to help you take the proactive route to get more life out of your roof and actually save money, starting today. 


The Right Way To Make Your Roof Last Longer

It all starts with one simple word: Maintenance.
Just like maintaining a vehicle, you can get more mileage out of your roof if you take great care of it over it’s lifetime. However, unlike a vehicle that we typically spend a lot of time using, we never really see our roofs. So, even though you depend on your roof far more than your vehicle, your roof tends to be out of sight, out of mind.  It’s wild when you think about it, isn’t it? You roof plays a MAJOR role in keeping your loved ones safe, secure, and protected. It’s the first line of defense to protect you from the changing Southwestern Pennsylvania seasons and mother nature’s unpredictable wrath. Therefore, it makes sense to take it’s maintenance seriously. After all, proper roof maintenance won’t just make your roof last longer, it’ll also save your hard earned money (and saving money is always a great thing)!


4 Pro Tips to Maintain Your Roof So It Lasts Longer and Saves You Money

Extending the life of your roof is just a matter of simple inspections, many of which, you can do yourself.


1. Inspect your Gutters.

This is easy to overlook but very important to do, especially during a rainy season. Gutters can get clogged up with leaves and debris. When wet, this can weigh down your gutters making them completely pull apart from the house itself. Yes, this nightmare really happens and getting the damage fixed will result in unforeseen expenses that you probably haven’t budgeted for. So do keep an eye on your gutters. 

  • Take Action: Check your gutters twice a month and always unclog them after a heavy rain. Remove leaves and debris which can cause water to overflow and run down the exterior of your home. Besides making a mess, this can actually affect your foundation causing even bigger problems that can easily be avoided with regular gutter-checks. You can also add an extra line of defense by installing rain-guards on your gutters. They will keep out most debris that piles up inside of “regular” gutters. They’re an extremely convenient and popular option.  Contact us to get the job done right!  OR Click here to learn more about our seamless gutters & rain guards.


2. Inspect your attic.

The first thing to look for? Mold. If you’re finding mold growing all over the attic, that’s a sign your roof isn’t doing it’s job. You should also look for wet or damp spots, which are ideal places for mold to thrive. If you find mold in your attic, contact a professional immediately so it can get taken care of. Mold is not something you should take on yourself.  It’s dangerous. 

  • Take Action: In addition to the mold check, clear vents because good attic ventilation is key in extending the life of your roof. Be sure to remove dust, dirt and debris surrounding your roof vents. Give us a call if you don’t have someone to climb up there safely and confidently. 


3. Trim your trees.

“What do trees have to do with my roof?”, you ask? Everything. Because regularly trimming your trees reduces the amount of leaves that fall into and clog your gutters.

  • Take Action: Trim those branches too! You don’t want them falling and crashing onto your roof. This one’s a two-fer. Protect your gutters to protect your roof! Trees contribute to most of the debris that deteriorates roofs and gutters. 


4. Perform general inspections, often.

A general inspection is simply a walk-around the perimeter of your home. Try to find shingles, even just granules from your shingles, or actual missing ones. Finding out about these problems EARLY can help you save thousands of dollars and unnecessary headaches.

Inspect the entirety of your roof too and make sure, again, that there are no missing shingles. Clear away any debris or large branches that may cause damage to your roof. Check for moss that could trap water and, if it’s winter time,  check for snow so you can clear it to prevent ice dams from forming. These ice dams can tear off shingles and gutters and cause leaks!

  • Take Action: Aside from your proactive inspections, get your roof professionally inspected at least once a year 🙂 Think of it like an oil change. It’s easy to put off and, before you know it, your engine is ticking and you’ve got bigger problems. Being proactive is the name of the game when it comes to making your roof last longer and saving money. 


Sure, In a perfect world, we would remember to do all these things we “should” do.  However, we’re not perfect people. Every one of us forgets to schedule that oil change or to inspect our properties. So here’s the good news:

If you do just ONE of these things, ONCE a month, you’re far ahead of most people in terms of taking initiative to extend the life of your roof.


Setting a Reminder Can Help You Save Money

In the digital age, we have a variety of tools to remind us of important tasks. Perhaps you could set a reminder on your smartphone or go “old school” and write a reminder on your calendar.

Then, once or twice a month, depending on how much debris can accumulate on your property, take 15 minutes to perform a general inspection on your roof and the perimeter of your home. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back and reference this blog post if you need to.

Now that you know what to look for and what actions to take, maintaining your roof will be a simple and rewarding that you’ll thank yourself for, later. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with taking proactive action to save money. Because, let’s face it, no one likes unpleasant surprises.

If you perform your inspection and you think you might have a problem, give us a call right away.

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