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Roofing damage

roof damage

Your roof keeps the people and property inside of your building safe. It’s an investment that protects some of your biggest assets. So we understand the headaches roof troubles can cause. That’s why we’re committed to making your job easier.
Our experts will hear your concerns and give an honest assessment of your situation. Then, we’ll make personalized recommendations based on decades of experience in the industry. You can rest assured, with satisfied customers ranging from small building owners to major corporations,  you’re in good hands. 

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Make Choosing Your New Roofing System Easy:  

3 Things To Consider:  

The Roofing Membrane- What’s the type of material used?
The Installation Method- How is it attached to the roof?
The Seams- What is used to close the seams on the material?

1. Roofing Materials & Membranes


These are the types of roofing materials and single ply membranes Slagle Roofing and Construction offers to customers in the Southwestern Pa area.

 EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer):

Extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane used in low-slope buildings. Its two primary ingredients, ethylene and propylene, are derived from oil and natural gas. EPDM is available in both black and white, and is sold a broad variety of widths, ranging from 7.5 feet to fifty feet, and in two thicknesses, 45 and 60 mils.

 TPO- Thermoplastic polyolefin:

Among the fastest growing commercial roofing products, it’s gained broad industry acceptance for their many performance and installation advantages.

 PVC- Polyvinyl Chloride: 

It’s a trusted membrane that has been performing admirably for decades with excellent resistance to rooftop chemical attacks including acids, oils and greases. Widely used as a white membrane, other colors are available through Duro-Last. (See Below)

 Standing Seam Metal:

This metal roof gets it’s name from the fact that it’s seams are raised or “standing.” As aesthetically pleasing as it is durable, standing seam metal may be a great option for your building.

2. Installation Methods


The installation method refers to how the chosen roof material is secured to roof decking so your building is protected. The following installation methods that Slagle offers are the most reliable in the industry.

Mechanically Fastened:

Considered an upgrade from ballasted systems (where a membrane is laid loosely atop the roof and covered with pavers or stones), mechanically fastened roofing systems are held in place by plates and fasteners that are secured through the membrane and into the deck. 

 Fully Adhered:  

Fully adhered roof systems offer the highest degree of stability and uplift protection. Unlike the mechanically fastened method, the membrane in a fully adhered roofing system is secured using an adhesive.

3. Seam Sealing Methods


Most human error and roof leaks originate here, in the seams. The chosen sealing method largely depends on the type of roofing membrane being used.

 Adhesives or Sealant Tape:

It’s a special-strength tape or liquid adhesive typically used in meeting the seams of an EPDM roofing system.

 Hot-Air Welding:  

A device uses hot air to heat the membrane until it melts and fuses together. This seaming method is commonly used in PVC and some TPO roofing systems.

  Hot Mopped or Asphalt:  

These methods are commonly used with modified membranes or when placing a roofing membrane over existing build-up roofing is appropriate. The asphalt is heated with a propane torch until it melts and fuses the membrane. Or, hot-mopping is laying a modified asphalt (a.k.a. mopping it) over the existing materials similar to how conventional build-up roofs were installed.


Slagle Roofing and Construction was welcomed into “The Presidents Club” and honored at Duro-Last’s National Seminar for outstanding achievement in quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Very few roofers in the Pittsburgh area can offer a cutting edge, pre-fabricated Duro-last roofing system.

Here’s why Duro-Last’s concept makes all other roofing systems obsolete in most cases:

Duro-Last Vs. “Other Options”


  • Pre-fabrication eliminates notorious “roofing failure” issues
  • Approximately 85% of seaming and roughly 95% of other critical areas (projections and perimeters) are welded under ideal factory conditions– not in the outdoor elements.
  • Your roofer can finish faster and you can return to business as usual, knowing you’ve got the world’s best roof.


  • Only the amount of material needed for your job is created. That means waste is dramatically reduced and your budget isn’t going home with someone as “left over” materials.
  • Covers ponding water and consequential damage (example: computers INSIDE building)  where others don’t
  • Warranty comes at no extra cost
  • Warranty covers repair + replacement where others only cover repairs


  • Because your roof is pre-fabricated in panels of up to 2,500 sq. ft. VS other types of roofing materials which are only available as roll goods in sizes ranging from 100 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft.; there are much less seams, decreasing the risks of leaking greatly.
  • Did we mention most of those seams are completed under ideal conditions, inside a factory?
  • Other roofing systems commonly use glue as a seaming method. Duro-Last seaming is completed with hot-air welding methods.


  • Prefabrication can be used to address a particular structural or aesthetic design problem. Panel sizes, shapes and colors can be pre-planned and prefabricated to achieve desired visual results. 

Watch How Duro-Last Saves you Time & Money by beating the “Other Guys.”.

See TPO, PVC, and EPDM put to the Fire Test.


The Duro-Last Pre-Fabricated Membrane is Available in The Following Colors:

White, Gray, Dark Gray, Tan and Terra Cotta,

duro last membrane rolls

View Duro-Last Brochures:


Learn how the benefits of a prefabricated Duro-Last roof pay off. Includes life-cycle cost comparison between different types of roofing systems.



Discover the green benefits of the White Duro-Last Cool Zone Roofing System. To be considered “sustainable,” a roofing system must meet the Five E’s of high-performance roofing: Energy, Environment, Endurance, Economics, and Engineering. In each of these areas, the Duro-Last Cool Zone cool roofing system leads the commercial roofing industry.


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Metal Roofing:

More than 70% of federal government building projects request metal roofing because a properly installed, high performing metal roof pays for itself over time. Aside from the superior visual appeal of a metal roof, they’re extremely low maintenance, highly durable, 100% recyclable, and the best choice for contemporary or complex angles/shapes.

stnading seamimage

 We offer Standing Seam Metal Roofing for both residential and commercial structures and we work with an industry leader to bring your building the best materials and one of the largest color selections in the industry.

Browse the brochures below to learn more about your Metal Roofing options, colors and finishes available.


Browse various metal roofing options, finishes, colors, and more. As a division of Duro-Last®, Inc. and partner of MBCI, the industry-leading manufacturer of metal roof and wall systems, EXCEPTIONAL Metals offers metal roofing and wall panel systems that are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.



Each metal roof system carries the Underwriters Laboratories Wind Uplift (UL 90), Fire Resistance and Impact Resistance ratings covering a wide range of roof designs. Additional ratings have been given to the individual panel systems


EXCEPTIONAL Metals by MBCI offers one of the largest color selections in the industry. Each of our paint colors qualifies as a Cool Roof on sloped roofs above 2:12. Our applied finishes work as an excellent alternative to masonry or tilt-wall construction. Colors shown represent the actual color as closely as possible. To ensure exact color for final approval, a metal color chip is available.



metal roofing colors pittsburgh


Re-Roofing Your Existing Metal Roof:

Here are a couple of options to turn your existing metal roof into a fresh, new roof without tearing it off.

DUROSHIELD® Roofing System: The Benefits of The Duro-Last Membrane Over Your Existing Metal:

Forget short term fixes or expensive metal-replacements. The Duro-Shield metal retrofit roofing system is the cost-effective, long-term way to protect your building against rain, temperature changes, interior drips, ice build-up, as well as rust and corrosion-guaranteed. No expensive tear-off needed.

Metal roofing repair Monongahela


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EM Retro-R® Panel Roofing System: Save Headaches with New Metal Over Existing Metal:

If you’ve got an existing “PBR” or “R” panel roof, opting for this retro-fit (re-roofing) solution will save you money by eliminating expensive & messy tear-offs. The Retro-R® panel is installed right over your existing roof with minimal alterations. Available in 29 and 26 gauge. See Data Sheet For Details

retro r roof


Click button to view Data Sheet.


Low-Maintenance, Sustainable  Live Roofing.

Consider this over other costly alternatives that can interfere with daily operations inside and outside of your building. The pictures below are of a roof we completed for a restaurant in the heart of Pittsburgh.

live roof 1

live roof 2

live roof 4


LiveRoof® is an integrated green roofing system designed by growers and construction engineers. Compared to site­built green roofs, which are time-consuming and costly to install and maintain, LiveRoof is a turnkey alternative.


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